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Dizziness Vertigo Imbalance

Tailored Therapy to improve your symptoms

Dizziness Therapy

Milton Keynes & surrounding areas

Dizziness & Balance Therapy


Do you suffer with dizziness, vertigo or imblance?

If you suffer with any of the above symptoms, you could be suffering with an inner ear problem. 

Dizzy Ears offers rehabilitation to people whose dizziness has affected their quality of life. The rehab involves a holistic approach to treating your dizziness. 

Depending on what kind of condition is affecting your balance, there are different exercises and manoeuvres which help re-calibrate the brain and improve your symptoms. 

You don't need a GP or Doctor to refer you, you can self refer by calling or emailing us directly here

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Support Group


Attend a local support group, meet like minded people

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Gentle Tai Chi Exercises


Adapted Tai Chi to help improve balance and reduce dizziness

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